6:1 Flumen Crater

The Crater is a short river which flows from the mountains of Bruttium into the Ionian Sea near ..... . Two river-lines on the Tabula are marked with the name Crater, but it is clear that only the one one at the right is the true Crater, whereas that at left should be marked as the Siris. The true Crater is moreover shown flowing in the wrong direction, as if it were a tributary of the Tanno. This solution is clear when one back-projects from the Tabula onto a geographic map.

Talbert denotes this river-line no. 69B. One cannot agree with him when he asserts: "Users of the map who inferred that this river is named Crater - understandably, because that name for a road station occurs close to the source - would in fact be mistaken." In his book at chapter 3, section 3, note 118 he classes it among rivers not to be identified from road-stations.

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