9,1:3 Jericho

Talbert argues for the restoration of a line connecting Jericho and Nablus. This emendation is argued from an appropriate distance figure already being entered on the manuscript here.

Finkelstein 33 notes that the space separating the distance figure into two halves, as "XX XII", suggests the downwards linework must have cut through the script itself, but voices doubt (note 45) that the endpoint of the road is Jericho:
Thomsen and Miller assumed that the number on the map indicates the distance from Neapolis to Jericho. The attempt to identify the line that was omitted from the map with the road from Neapolis to Jericho raises several questions: the number given on the map, 32 miles, is close to the distance between Neapolis and Jericho. Since the road goes down to Phasaelis and not directly to Jericho one would have expected the distance to be given only to the meeting-point with the Jordan valley road (at Phasaelis), about 21-22 miles. The Jordan valley road is, in any case, problematic and Phasaelis itself is missing on it.
The references are to Thomsen, P. 1917. ‘Die römischen Meilensteine der Provinzen Syria, Arabia und Palaestina’, Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins 40, 20, and Miller 834.

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